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Threaded Inserts

  • Hexsert
  • Nutsert
  • TSN
  • Emhart Pop Rivets
  • Well Nut
  • Jack Nut
  • Atlas
  • SpinTite - Half-Hex - Type AEH
  • SpinTite - Low Profile - Type AEL
  • SpinTite - Minimized Profile - Type AEK
  • SpinTite - Thin-Wall - Type AEO
  • SpinTite - 360° Swaging - Type AET
  • Plus+Tite - Pre-Bulbed Threaded Insert

  • Threaded inserts are available in a wide variety of problem-solving configurations to ease assembly processes.

    They are designed to provide load-bearing threads in areas where access is only available from one side and the parent material is light-gauge.

    The product was designed to have a tubular body with interior threads which, when inserted into a prepared hole, can be compressed/collapsed/imbedded to allow the attachment of an externally threaded fastener to complete an assembly.

    Threaded inserts are available in a variety of shapes to support many assembly challenges: 

    • Blind Rivet Nuts are an invaluable method of attaching components to materials too thin to be tapped and threaded. They are available in a wide variety of configurations for specific problem solving; from large-flange heads to flush countersunk and low-profile varieties. Anti-rotational designs can ensure the integrity of the attachment and provide non-rotational assurance.

      Installation is achieved by using a variety of tooling, manual and powered, which properly and speedily integrates the fastener into the assembly consistently. 

    • Key-locking inserts are useful in situations in which an existing thread has become stripped.  The keys in these inserts cut into the original threads and then lock into place. 
    • Molded inserts are designed to be placed in a mold cavity before the forming of a plastic component
    • Knife-thread and hexdrive inserts are effective solutions for use with most kinds of wood. 
    • Press inserts are another useful means of adding threads to plastic parts. 
    • Self-tapping threaded inserts can be used with a variety of materials, including metal.  These inserts cut their own threads as they are placed in the work-piece.

    Placing of threaded inserts typically requires specific tools.  Among the most prevalent are heat insert drivers and power drivers.  Careful evaluation of a threaded insert is important before installation, to provide for long-lasting effectiveness.

    Contact us for assistance in making your selection. 

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