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Emhart Pop Rivets

Emhart Pop Rivets

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  • Structural Blind Rivets
  • Ultra-Grip Pop Rivets
  • Self Plugger Rivets
  • Breakstem Rivets
  • Soft-Set
  • Ultra-Grip
  • Multi-Grip
  • Open-End
  • Closed-End
  • T Rivet
  • Easy Entry
  • F Series
  • LSR
  • Micro Rivets
  • Self Plugger

  • The generic name “POP” rivet originated in the past history of the Emhart Group.

    A “pop rivet” was an invention of convenience and creativity. To combine a nail inside a tubular rivet and subject it to axial pull created a “blind fastener” needing only access to one side of the assembly to achieve a joint. The resulting “Pop!” sound as the nail broke and achieved the desired compression of the rivet awarded them the right to introduce the “Pop Rivet”.   Pop rivets today exemplify the best in “break-stem rivet” technology and are world-renowned.

    They have evolved into a full range of pop rivet fastening concepts, with variations of head styles and body configurations to accommodate a wide range of fastening needs, structural and non-structural, in all area of assembly whether metallic or non-metallic.

    Open-end Pop Rivets, Closed-end (watertight) Pop Rivets, Multi-Grip Pop Rivets, Tri-furcated Pop Rivets and many other application-specific variations.

    Look through the Structural Blind and Break-Stem Emhart Pop Rivets above to find the one that's right for your application.

    Contact us if you can't find what you need.

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