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  • Structural blind rivets (also known as break-stem rivets) are tubular riveting devices supplied with a mandrel, or nail, through the center.  The blind rivet assembly is inserted into a hole drilled through the parts to be joined and a specially designed tool is used to pull the mandrel into the rivet.  This process compresses the rivet body and expands the blind end of the rivet, causing the mandrel to snap in the process.  This gives blind fasteners the common “pop rivet” name. 

    When a blind rivet is set, a self-contained mechanical feature expands the rivet’s shank, securing the adjoining parts.  Blind fasteners are most often installed in joints accessible only from one side.  They are also used to simplify complicated assembly or improve appearance in cases of joints with both sides accessible.  Blind riveting offers portability, which is valuable to large assembly processes.

    Structural blind rivets should be used where:

    • Access is not available to both sides of the assembly
    • Speed of installation is required
    • Noise is a consideration
    • Skilled labor is not required
    • Consistency of appearance is desired
    • Fastener removal is not necessary for maintenance.
    • High vibration is a concern.
    • Uniform clamping is desirable.
    • Repair fasteners for field use by untrained personnel are needed.

    Blind rivets are also available with an integral drive pin installed to be set by impacting the pin and driving it into the rivet body to expand the fastener.

    Contact us for assistance in making your selection. 

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