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Riveting and Fastening Systems

Rivets and Fastening Systems

Crawford Products has been providing rivets, rivet tools and fastening systems to a wide variety of industries since 1970. We carry only quality rivets, threaded inserts and fasteners from manufacturers like Huck, Avdel, Henrob, Emhart and Atlas. We can also work with you with a variety of custom fastening systems to fit your assembly needs.

From the beginning, Crawford Products was established with the purpose of providing exceptional customer service. We knew that in order to become the premier Rivets and Fastening Systems company in the country, we needed to take care of our customers better than anyone else.

We also knew that we needed to provide our customers with the benefits of a wide range of products, field proven technology and large supportive inventories. We have combined all of these things to be able to offer our customer the best rivets, fasteners and installation tools for any application.

Please look through our web site to locate the product or service you need, and contact us any time you need help.

We look forward to serving you.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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